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May 20th, 2013, 08:02 PM
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Ugh. I hope they don't make me deliver in an OR...that would suck. I guess I will find out more at my appointment with her in two weeks. I'm really anxious about that because I want to find out what their rules are. I'm already assuming that twins risks me out of the holistic birth center they have, which is where I had my daughter... it's within the hospital and is only used by the midwives and one OB, who happens to be the OB who my midwife works he is more natural friendly, but he's a massive jerk (one of those ones with the god complex) and I pretty much hate him. lol. Anyways, the birth center is amazing...but....there's all kinds of rules that can risk you out and make you have to use the regular part of the hospital.

This is the most natural friendly hospital in the area, and my best shot. I hope their rules are not super strict. They probably don't get many twin births there though cuz just a couple miles away is one of Cleveland Clinic's big hospitals with the highest level NICU around (and a nearly 50% c-section rate), so a lot of the multiples are born there.

My midwife is awesome, and she's gone to bat for me if I have issues with someone trying to force something on me that's not needed, she'll look out for me...I'm sure of that.

Do hospitals usually have their policies about this kind of stuff online anywhere? Or is this something I"m going to have to find out about from my midwife or the hospital?

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