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May 20th, 2013, 08:34 PM
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The dryer is really and truly fixed! I can't believe it!!!

The nursery looks AMAZING! I love everything about it!!! I can't wait until the girls' room is 100% done. SO CLOSE.

I'm a huge organizer person. I love baskets and organizing things or at least having them organized it nice lol. Once I have everything for the baby I will start prepping the diapers, too A few diapers haven't come in yet (4AIOs, 10 prefolds, and one cover. Once those are in, I can prep the diapers!)

I can't believe we are almost 30 weeks! I have a midwife appointment this thursday. I got 3 maternity shirts and a maternity skirt the other day so I am feeling much "cuter" when I want to get dressed up. I never owned maternity clothes before but these particular outfits fit me really well. The skirt I would use after pregnancy, too.

Keep me updated on your 3 hour test! They should call you either way since you are gonna be worrying about that now that you have to do the 3 hour.

yes, the "we" in the walks in me, my husband, ad the kids. we drive to a nice park, go for a long walk, then let them play at the playground

I'm sorry the pollen has been so bad for you That sounds terrible. I can't believe we only have like 10 weeks left. It's just not enough time for me! I'm NOT ready! Time to get my butt in gear and get ready, I guess, at least as much as I can afford to. In 2 weeks I should have the money to make some more baby purchases, so I look forward to that. I think tonight I'll work on the canvas pieces for the girls room
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