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May 21st, 2013, 01:58 AM
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I'll share my experience... my baby is also like that, there are nights when he cries and cries for not reason at all - his nappies are dry, doesn't want milk or water, my husband would carry him and try to pacify him by singing lullabies but when that doesn't work, I would take over and usually he would calm down after carrying him.

I don't believe in letting your child cry and cry, 1st it isn't good for them to cry out very long, in my experience my son would vomit, 2nd you're child may lose trust on you because you don't care for their needs, 3rd there might be something happening with them, they might wet their beds or hit their head on the crib or something else.

I understand that you are a working mom, and I myself am one as well but I wake up much later because my husband takes care of our child when he wakes up at 5:30am. So you have to find a way to look after the needs of your child. Yes it is an inconvenience but it is worth it!
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