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May 21st, 2013, 09:55 AM
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For Mommies: Did you have baby sleep in your room when baby was a newborn? At what age did you or do you plan to move baby to his/her own room? If you've moved baby already, how did baby do when you moved baby to his/her own room?

For Pregnant Mommies: Do you plan on having baby sleep in your room? At what age do you think you'll move baby to his/her own room if you plan on rooming in with baby for awhile?

I had both of my kids stay in my room after they were born. I moved Jackson to his own room around 7 months when he started sitting up in bed. I didn't want him to sit up and see us and always expect us to be in the room with him when he woke up. With Jacob i didn't move him until around 9 months. We had bought a new house right before Jacob was born and his room was on the other side of the house and it was so much harder for me to move him. With Jackson he was just right across the hallway when I moved him. Both of my boys thankfully did great when I moved them. I think it was harder on me than them when I moved them to their own room.

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