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May 21st, 2013, 12:29 PM
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Hi everyone! I decided to start a journal because I find that I always have a lot on my mind and get it out best in writing. I am hoping that this journal will be very short!

I am 26 and DH is 29, we are both about to get a year older in June. We got married June 14, 2008 which puts us at almost 5 years of marriage. I have wanted a baby since I was a teenager... in fact, for me, college was a backup plan of sorts. Now that we both have stable jobs and I am almost done with school we have decided that we are ready to make the leap from wanting kiddos to actually trying to have them. This is our fourth cycle which looks like it is coming to a close with a BFN. We are doing things naturally at the moment and I just started charting and using OPK's so I am hoping it will help us out next cycle.

My temps have steadily been going down for the past few days. I am pretty bummed about this as I just knew that this was going to be our cycle! Just like I knew it the past three times... I had a good cry about it this morning before work, prayed about it a bit, and I am feeling much better now! Ready for AF to go ahead and arrive so I can get on with this next cycle. I feel like I am wishing so much of my life away right now with the whole TTC thing. Just waiting.. to O, to test, for AF. Wiating, waiting, waiting...

One more piece of backstory may prove to be important later although I am ignoring it for now... I had a medical mystery having to do with my knee a while back and as a result they did a lot of genetics testing. I have the MTHFR mutation. I haven't looked at the results for a while so I don't remember which one I have. My doctor didn't seem to think it would cause any problems and told me not to worry about it unless I have a miscarriage. They won't do anything about it before then anyway. I haven't even told my OB yet. I will fish out the results when and if I have to but otherwise I am just trying to forget about it. Saying that--- I just can't forget about it! It is always lurking on the back of my mind that just because I get my BFP, there are no guarantees that I will have an easy time carrying to term. I know there aren't guarantees either way but it's just more statistics against me.

So that is what is going on so far! Thanks to everyone who reads this and I hope it can help others like journals have helped me!

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