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May 21st, 2013, 04:53 PM
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Here's my experience with this topic...

I work with a nurse who specialized in infertility (i'm talking about her in a lot of threads today....) and I've spoken with her about this. We too have reasons to use this method and I was really unsure about its efficacy. I had done a lot of research on lesbian couples ttc (I am straight but I needed an alternative to sex that would still allow me to ttc with dh) - the syringe/turkey baster/softcup method is what they tend to go with. We decided to try the softcup method and even as I was doing it, I felt kind of silly - like part of me feels like this is not how you "typically" get pregnant, so how could it work, and the other part of me thinks, why wouldn't this work? I don't know....we did it several times and didn't conceive - I wasn't sure if we were wasting our time, so I decided to talk to the nurse at work. She said there's no reason why it wouldn't be as effective as the traditional method of conceiving. So I guess we will continue to supplement BD with this method until I get my darn BFP!!!
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