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May 21st, 2013, 06:37 PM
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When my second was born, I really wanted to like the Phil and Ted, but after we tried it I was glad we didn't buy one. Like you, I have several friends that really like them, but my husband and I are both tall (5'10" and 6'3") and I found that my knees would hit the back seat as I walked. Very annoying! Also, when you have it set up so that the baby is laying like in a bassinet (they are in the main seat fully reclined) and the second seat goes over top of the main seat, since you aren't supposed to have the heavier kid in the back seat, if that makes sense), my older son's head was all smashed up into the shade and he was only 20 months at the time. We ended up just getting a double Bob and only using that. I never take my kids shopping in a mall or anywhere really besides places that have shopping carts, so we never use our stroller in that sort of setting.

I have thought about getting a Joovy caboose ultralight. I know a lot of people who have those. They are a sit and stand. But, I don't have one and couldn't really comment on how well they move.
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