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May 21st, 2013, 08:37 PM
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Originally Posted by mal91011 View Post
I wonder if he's going to grow up always feeling like somebody's watching him...

He may be getting plenty of sleep but momma can't quit checking him every half hr to make sure hes breathing!
Oh man, he is so stinkin' cute in there.

Originally Posted by marybeth76 View Post
It's completely normal for a baby to sleep with his parents. This season in their lives is going to pass so, so quickly; if you want to enjoy the closeness and comfort of having him sleep next to you, then do it! He will be ok and he will eventually learn to sleep on his own.
Yes to this. We do have him in his own room right now, but I'll rock him extra long at night, or bring him to bed in the morning for a cuddle. I keep thinking he will never be this little again, and we want to soak it up while we can.
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