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May 21st, 2013, 08:41 PM
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I'll probably just get some really nice blankets until we move and each of the kids get their own room. I'm not a fan of most themed sets. I don't know why but jungle and ocean themed stuff drives me crazy. I'm also not a big fan of licensed character stuff like mickey mouse or Cars. There are some that are low key and I think they're cute...for other people's kids, but I can't imagine doing it with my own. We bought a crib set for DD1 and it was a pastel green dragonfly set. DD2 is using it now. Really cute. If it's a boy, we'll get some boy colored blankets and call it square until we get all the kids in toddler beds.

Here's what Em's set looks like:

Brittanie, I wish I had seen that one when I was looking for Emily's that's super cute!
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