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May 21st, 2013, 10:36 PM
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Thank you ladies! As anxious as I am I'm waiting till the end of the month to even think about testing again and I'm definitely gonna use a name brand this time! I don't know if I even wanna take a hpt or just go straight to the doctor and get tested so I won't have to worry about any inaccuracy. Once I finally find one I actually feel comfortable talking to that is! The wait is killing me, the closer it gets to the 30th, the more I keep praying that my period doesn't decide to finally show.
Here lately I've felt really icky. My lower back is killing me a lot more then it usually does while I'm working and I get these random bits of nausea too, especially when I finish eating or after I take my daily vitamins at night. I've had these mild cramps and headaches always seem to plague me later on in the night for the past few days. I dunno, I could be imagining all of this because I want this so, so bad.
After reading a bunch of things online about what could possibly cause the absence in my period andI'm starting to get paranoid about what else this could be. I'm really worried about scarring from the procedure and also pcos (I hope that's right), so if anyone reading this has had any problems with either of those please share your stories!
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