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May 22nd, 2013, 07:29 AM
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CD 25 DPO ??

I woke up to find that my temperature has gone back up to 97.9!! Could those last temperatures be an implantation dip? I really don't know but I am so excited to be still in the game for the month!! I did take a test this morning and it was a BFN which wouldn't be surprising if I just implanted. I suppose I will try to hold off until Friday to take another one if my temps inspire me to do so. I have been checking my CM every day and it has been very creamy and today seemed like it was tinted yellowish on the TP. Hope there isn't anything wrong with that! I have really nothing to base any of this on since this is my first month temping and I didn't even start in the beginning of the month. If any of the more experienced ladies want to comment on it, that would be most welcome!

In news for the week, I have two assignments to finish for my last class ever! One is my final which I will probably finish at work over the next few days. It is a big group project and so my part isn't very big at all. I could probably knock it out in a day but I like to spread the work out so its not so much at one time. The other assignment is already 2/3 of the way done but the library closed last night before I could finish (yes I still use the library in person... probably because I am trying to become a librarian! lol) so I will have to go back tonight and finish. Otherwise I am just looking forward to the holiday weekend which is going to be spent at a lake house with my in-laws! Woohoo!

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