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May 22nd, 2013, 09:19 AM
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Who is here?! Me! Gwynne

Gestation? 11 weeks on Friday
Symptoms? queasy, tired, but they are starting to let up
When is your next appt? Friday is my genetic counseling & blood draw for MaterniT21 + and then on June 2 is my NT scan!
Have you had an u/s? Yep, to find EDD (since this was a surprise) & we found out then I was 7w6d along
Weight gain so far (don't have to share): I refuse to step on the scale this round since I'm so overweight to begin with. I just told the nurse to tell me how many pounds up or down I am, but I don't go in for a reg appointment for a while
Gwynne, celebrating the newest of our four precious miracles

Hat's off to Vicki for my cute siggy, thank you!
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