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May 22nd, 2013, 10:47 AM
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He'll keep putting the paint job off until the last minute, I'm sure. Which totally sucks. I'll have to nag him to get it done. I hate nagging, but really, it's his own fault! Once that is done though I will take a picture of the room. My appointment is on Thursday, too!

I have my next appointment on Thursday so if I dont hear from them on the test I will just wait it out and ask on Thursday. My appointment is at 3pm, though.. so kind of later in the day. At 2pm (EST). I hope you can get another ultrasound since you are looking forward to that! I wish I could get another 3D one but I still can't justify spending the money on that right now.

Heartburn for me comes and goes, but it's not my biggest problem by any means. What you eat should help, and also maybe laying down propped up when you lay down? I wish I knew a good solution, but when I get heartburn, nothing helps.

Here is our next few weeks:
Today, Emma has gymnastics, Friday she has Jiu Jitsu and gymnastics. Monday gymnastics, Tuesday Ballet, Wednesday gymnastics. Friday Dress Rehearsal for Ballet, Saturday Ballet Recital, then leave for Georgia to visit family. Hope to be back by the 5th but if not Emma will miss 1 gymnastics practice.

A year really can change a lot, you are right. The BBQ sounds fun and they sound like a neat group of people to spend time with!

Guess what else? We got pet mice the other day. My husband got them as a surprise for the kid. So far, so good with having them. In other news, the police came by our house today to harass us about our dogs being in kennels (which is completely legal, they are VERY Well cared for and don't bark so they aren't a disturbance). Just such a pain.

My to-do list before baby gets here:
-get husband to paint wall red and fix white trim
-paint shelves in that room white also
-husband to hang the awards rack for my daughter's gymnastics medals
-waiting to receive 4 aios, 10 prefolds, and 1 diaper cover, then prep cloth diaper stash
-pay for daughter's uptraining classes for gymnastics for the summer
-pay for daughter's gymnastics dance
-buy the stroller
-buy a pack and play mattress
-buy dryer rack
-possibly buy a few more baby carriers
-finish editing a co-written project I'm working on
-finish writing the draft for my book 2
-buy a little more clothes for baby
-buy a little more toys for baby
-buy other odds and ends I still need for baby

It just seems like so much, especially the parts that cost money
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