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May 22nd, 2013, 01:52 PM
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I likr banned daycare mommys answer. My suggestion would be to make it fun for them. I taught my first who is 3 now, by letting him flush the toilet, then giving him a treat or do something special. My second, just turned two this month and started taking his diapers off on his own. I sat him down a few times but hes honestly potty trained himself. Another thing, I never madr the potty a big deal. Never asked him if he wanted to go potty until he was trained. Id just sit him on the potty without asking and wed sing a song or read a short story. Id let him flush weather he went or not. Pretty soon he got to the point where he would go in the br. Put the potty seat in thw toilet , go, get down, flush the toilet id wipe him, hed wash his hands, wed say yay and clap he and i both and that was that lol. Good luck. Just take it slow. If he throws a fit just stop, take a few months then start again and dont even bring it up. Just sit him on there read a book sing a song let him flush lol have fun with it.
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