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May 23rd, 2013, 05:57 AM
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Originally Posted by IronMamma View Post
Destiny, I know what you mean. Sometimes when I buy meat all I see is "flesh". The hardest part for me is I don't like literally 95% of foods vegetarians eat so I got like no nutrition. I do not like beans, at all, no nuts of any kind, I think all fake products taste nasty. Like all morning star, and all of those. I have done so much research and talked to some vegetarians and everything they suggested I did not like. Can you make some suggestions for me?
I think you just have to experiment.
Try some vegetarian dishes and see what you think. There are a lot of foods that are staples in my diet that I originally hated, but I cooked them in different ways until I found something I liked. I didn't like beans, but now we have burritos and chili (with quinoa!) that everyone likes and eats. I just tried different things until I found something I liked and could make on a regular basis.

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