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May 23rd, 2013, 08:54 AM
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When I was pregnant with my DD, I wanted to do everything naturally. Unfortunately I had a slew of complications with my kidney which required surgery. The stress caused my DD to be IUGR and I was induced at 38w4d (luckily all I needed was 2 doses of cervical gel and I went into labour on my own).

I really wanted to avoid an epi. My labour was intense and I was told I was only 3cm. I figured that I needed pain relief because if I was in that much pain then, there's no way I could stay composed to 10cm. I thought I had so much longer to I got the epi.

Unfortunately, they didn't check me before putting in the epi and I didn't know I was 10cm..:/ It only took 6 hours for me to get from water breaking to 10.

Having know what I know now, and felt what actual contractions are like, I figure that the second time around, I will have more knowledge of what my body is doing.

So my question is this, did you find that once you had the experience of one labour behind you, that it made you more prepared for the second time around? I really want to be able to go completely natural with baby number two!
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