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May 23rd, 2013, 09:46 AM
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ooh how the lack of sleep is oh so horrible!! I will be going through added sleeplessness as well very very soon. I agree its going to be tough until a routine is in place.

Napping baby naps is good if you dont have other children to tend to. Try and take things a little easy. Maybe pull out some of the meals that you prepared if you did that or make something that doesnt require alot of kitchen time.

Allowing others to help you if they other to. Take you it! you deserve it. Also, try and keep baby contact during the night to a minimum. Also try not to turn on lights and try not to talk with baby during night wakings.

Keep in my mind that this time passes. Things will get regular for you and baby. hugs...hope you are enjoying that new baby!!! congrats again!!
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