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May 23rd, 2013, 12:14 PM
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The second time around was WAY easier! 1st time was 8 hours with 3 hours pushing, and an epidural that all it did was make it so I couldn't feel to push, but the contraction pain was there. Also I didn't realize my options , such as at least moving around by the bed, or at least moving around in bed. The nurse for that one was older and terrible, she made me feel like I had to lay right there and hardly move at all so the monitor wouldn't mess up.
My second birth was 2 1/2 hours total, the nurses there where great and let me move around and work though the contractions. They also have a mobile monitor at this hospital (NOT the same hospital as baby #1) that allowed me to move around , use a birth ball and even use the shower to help with the pain. I had to be monitored because I was induced both times as baby's where huge and over a week late
I have had 4 births so far and the last 3 have been so much better then my first.

One thing that really helped between me prepare after my first was to read A LOT about labor and deliver, I read several books about natural deliver, I can't remember the title of it but one was wonderful for pointing out that you CAN tell the nurses when you do or don't want something, that the hospital can try to make you follow there 'rules" but they can't actually force you to have an IV or be continuously monitored if you don't want it.
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