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May 23rd, 2013, 02:15 PM
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The short answer is no. However, ovulation prediction is not an exact thing, so you might not ovulate tomorrow. There's really no way to know. If you've been tracking very consistently and have had a temperature dip today then it's pretty likely. Though that also doesn't garuntee a pregnancy. Also, sperm has been found to live as long as 7 days more recently, so keep that in mind.

On a very serious note, ovulation is NOT in any way easily predictable. Over the course of my childbearing I have had early, late and even double ovulation (twice in one month). What does this mean for you? Ovulation tracking as the sole means of contraception when you absolutely don't want a baby is NOT a good choice for birth control. Sister, I'm assuming by your question that you don't want to be pregnant right now. Please, please, please, get on some form of birth control. There are shots, there are implants, there are daily pills, there are diaphragms for you or condoms for him. But please take control of your fertility, and don't create a life together that you don't want, and end up aborting your baby because you weren't ready. You are in a good position now to prevent, so please do. As someone who has gotten pregnant four times using ovulation tracking as a means of 'prevention' I want you to find another route. In my case, we wanted kids, so we didn't mind that they didn't come right when we planned. In your case, you don't want them yet, so pick a more reliable method.

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