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May 23rd, 2013, 03:07 PM
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I pretty much learned after my first not to waste money on it. He never slept in his crib. It was bed sharing & bassinet and then the pack n play in our room...he just hated the crib. My second has only slept a few hours here and there in her crib (she bed shares), and now sleeps in her own twin sized bed. Even if you do use the crib...all you really need is a fitted sheet...the rest of the stuff is just hazardous, tbh.

I think I might have to use the crib this time though, cuz twins like to be together, right? I don't think I can bed share with two unless I kick DH out of the bed for a year...which wouldn't be fun! So I'll just buy a few new fitted sheets in a neutral print or solid color....soft ones. I like the jersey type material.

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