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May 23rd, 2013, 03:57 PM
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I never skipped. We jumped right to IVF after clomid due to severe MFI. My first IVF sucked. I only had 5 mature eggs out of 14 eggs total and only one made it to a so-so blast. The day I got the failed beta for that IVF was the very day I started BCP for the 2nd. I would have been due April 17th if the 1st had worked but I am now due June 26th. Exactly 10 weeks in between. The 2nd cycle was MUCH MUCH better for me. I had 16 mature eggs, 14 fert, and 3 awesome blasts, 1 good one and the rest were between so-so blast and early blasts with 2 that didn't make it.

For some reason it really worked out in my favor to do back to back. The doctors were not expecting me to have an egg maturity issue because my levels looked great.

I think it really depends on the situation and ya never know without doing it.

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