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May 23rd, 2013, 05:24 PM
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Well the fluid in the kidneys is still an issue, but minor, and quite frankly nothing compared to the other issue he has. I went for my 27 weeks ultrasound and they found that he had varix which means the varicose veins that run through the umbilical cord are being strained due to the fact that the umbilical cord is smaller where it attaches to the baby and larger on the inside. The cord is supposed to be the same width in and out of the baby. Due to the extra strain on the veins (bc the cord is smaller), the baby could have less oxygen/nutrients coming through.

Right now, he is in the 70% for weight and size. He's gaining well and looking fine oxygen and blood flow wise. But, starting in a month they want to monitor me weekly with a non-stress test to make sure the blood flow and oxygen are still ok. At any appointment, (weekly) they could send me to be induced or have a C-section due to low oxygen to the baby. He said I will not makeit to term as that isnt safe. I'm terrified. I hate the idea of all the unknown and of course they threw out the word stillbirth as an increased odd, which sent me right over the edge. If you have any information on this I would greatly appreciate it.

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