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May 23rd, 2013, 06:18 PM
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I have to say, I definitely didn't get a baby bath, pacifiers, lotion, or extra diapers from the hospital so I wouldn't count on that unless you know for sure your hospital will!

I think the NECESSITIES are:

Crib/pack n play/bassinet/cosleeper (SOMETHING for her to sleep in)
DEFINITELY a swing or bouncer! Something for you to put her in to get stuff done

Diaper time:
Some type of cream for rashes

Bath time/hygiene:
Baby shampoo/soap
I don't think you necessarily NEED a bath at first- back in the day our parents just layered towels in the kitchen sink and one parent held baby in there while the other washed lol
Nail clippers: I'd say this is a MUST! DS scratched his cheek at about 2 DAYS OLD and he still has the scar at almost 4! Cut those little nails asap!

Onesies, light weight pants, sleepers are probably all you need to start with and you could add the cutesy stuff later on.
Mittens and socks

Lightweight blankets, swaddle blankets/woombie/halo sleep sac/ etc

If breastfeeding, I'd stock up on nipple pads and creams
Maybe a pump? (plus bottles etc for pumping)

If formula, bottles and stock up on formula beforehand.

Diaper bag

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