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May 23rd, 2013, 07:31 PM
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Hey!! Remember me?? haha sorry I've been a super slacker! I saw your comment on my FB Jennifer so I figured I'd stop by and update. I'm 20 weeks and I had my big ultrasound today! I was completely SHOCKED to see BOY parts!!! I was 99% sure I was having a girl due to how completely opposite this pregnancy has been. I haven't told any family yet because I plan on doing some kind of reveal at a Memorial Day party. Dan couldn't come to the ultrasound because he got a new job (!!!!!!!!!!) and started last week. He was just as shocked when I showed him a "Little Brother" onesie tonight. We had a girl name picked but haven't even talked about boy names yet. Other than that, the Dr. said he looks beautiful!

I hope you are all doing well too!!
All my love, all my life

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