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May 23rd, 2013, 11:56 PM
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Poor 'lil Kynslee had a ladder fall on her this evening. DH brought it in from outside to get into the attic and he thought he put it out of her reach but of course she finds it and we hear a huge crash and her screaming. The ladder fell on top of her and she now has a big bruise and scrapes on her back I know accidents happen but I feel so bad.

She gets lots of bumps & bruises but I feel really bad about this one as it kept hurting her and also because I felt that if we haven't even brought the ladder in yet this wouldn't have happened. Poor girl kept saying ouch when I tried to take her shirt off last night because it hurt so bad. I don't know hows she is going to handle sitting in a carseat today for 5 hours with it up against her back
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