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May 24th, 2013, 01:32 AM
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I labored and progressed quickly with no pain meds until I got to 8 cm. We tried walking, rocking, breaking water, and when the back labor started tried to get an epidural. The epi didn't take over 3 timees so I told them to stop. The pain from the epi attempts and the intense contractions was too much. The dr checked me and said she believed the baby's head was face up and stuck behind my pubic bone. She said the best thing for us would be a c-section. I criied hard for twenty mins then the nurses and ob and hubby calmed me down and I got prepped. The spinal worked well but I threw up a lot. After a lot of awkward tugging and pushing I heard my baby girl cry at 1032am shes 8lb 9oz 20 in long. Scored 9 10 on apgar. She looks like her big brother but with dark hair.
sometime in the afternoon I noticed I felt wet and my sheets and gown was soaked in blood. The nurse kept cleaning with a cloth and rubbing my uterus then called the other nurse in to help. Freaked me out! They gave me a bag of pit. It slowed it down but I'm still bleeding. Obs not as concerned now as before. My pains manageable. The older siblings love their baby sister. Jackson kept hugging her. She's not eating well and keeps spitting up mucus but the nurse says its normal.

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