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May 24th, 2013, 09:34 AM
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I am totally with you fethyful on the cleaniness things especially the grocery cart!! wiping the basket part is just as important as people put raw meats and the juices can leak out and then onto our produce and cross contaminate.

I always take the B vitamins, vit D and sometimes as needed a few others. Our family for the most part do not eat processed foods. I make most things by scratch. My children very rarely eat fastfood but on that rare occasion when they do they do/we dont eat anything meat related. Its just fish or fries.

We buy our meat from a specialized local butcher and not from any grocery stores. We try to buy organic when we can especially fruits and veg. Eating good quality honey to us is very important and I also believe in eating lots of garlic as a natural antibiotic to stay healthy.

Keeping active is important but at times is hard for me because of back and neck issues. Trying to keep stress low, and that is my biggest challenge. Theres so many key factors in keeping healthy.

I do take meds as well.
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