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May 24th, 2013, 11:33 AM
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I Know there Was A RecenT TopiC On This and I Commented That I Wasnt Sure I Had Any Because I Didn'tKnow What They Are SuPposed To Feel Like Well......I KNOW NOW!!!!! They Are So UncomfortableI Hav Been Having A Lot The Last Few Nights That Are Causing My Back To JusT Ache. They Mostly Come At Work When I Feel Overwhelmed And Stressed. i Try Not To Stress But We Had A Terrible Day Yesterday And My Stomach Stayed In Knots And My Back Was Literally On Fire.

OF Course I Freaked Out. Called The Dr. ShE Said To Take It Easy(Called Off Work) AndTo Go In If They Got More Frequent Or More Painful. They Settled Once I Got Home And Layed Down For Awhile But That Scared Me. With My Job Sometimes I Can't Just Walk Away And Kick back Especially With A night Like Last Night. AnyonE Else Had Them Like That? I Am Terrified And Keep Analyzing Every Little Twinge. Hoping They Don't Lead To Something Else.

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