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May 24th, 2013, 11:47 AM
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I think I've been starting to have them too but only in my back. They're not as painful as you described but more of a tight, aching feeling. Last night they would come on when I tried to lay on my back so I would sit up and BF would rub my back until it went away and so I drank some water and laid on my left side like I have read to do and it went away no problem.

It definitely sounds like you need to take it easy and relax more but I know that can be impossible with jobs so if it were me I would talk to my manager about it so if you do need to take a 5 minute break, they understand what's going on. Your health and baby's health is more important! Have you tried relaxation techniques while working? Like simple things that take only a few moments like deep breathing or closing your eyes and visualizing? It can take literally 10 seconds and might help in bringing your stress down a bit
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