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May 24th, 2013, 11:49 AM
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But I need some serious baby name help.

DH and I each have one of our own, and we are currently WTTC until next spring. That said, I have been a little bit obsessing over baby names (I think since we have had a recent loss). I just feel like we have a sort of tricky situation. We want 2 (possibly 3) more kids together, and I worry that what we name our first will sort of set us up for the next few.

Right now, we have Samantha and Maximus, but they go by Sam and Max. DH loves the name Leonidas for a boy, and I am very happy with it as well, but his nick name would be Leo. That leaves us with Sam, Max, and Leo. I almost feel like, especially if we only have 4, we sort of have to come up with a 4th name that has a 3 letter nick name.

My other concern is, what do you name a boy after you have Maximus and Leonidas!? What if we have 2 more boys? It's not like we can have Maximus, Leonidas, and Steve, right? I'm just stuck, and I need suggestions (way far in advance, of course). I'm just a huge planner, haha.
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