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May 24th, 2013, 05:01 PM
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So, today is my third day on the GD "diet"... I've noticed the first day that it seems like I am taking in a lot more carbs than I usually do. I almost felt sick because I felt like I was eating too much. I think it definitely "evens" things out for me in that I probably tend to eat too many carbs at one setting verses spreading them out through the day.

My readings have been real good. Usually 84/85 in the a.m. and between 110-119 after meals. One time I went a little above, but I realized that I was testing about 3o min. early. I am thankful I only have to test twice a day. Pricking my finger 4 times a day would get annoying.

I am not completely cutting out sugar. In my booklet, one cup of plain ice cream is about the equivalent of a snack, 30g... so- I take advantage of that :-)

I have been feeling a little sick the past two days though. A lot less energy- but, I do have a slight sore throat and a little nausea, so I'm thinking it's that or just being at 27 weeks.....

How are you ladies doing who are on the diet?????
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