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May 24th, 2013, 05:22 PM
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Well it was definitely different! My intro session lasted for about 1:15. The actual acupuncture portion of it was about 35 minutes.

She spent a lot of time understanding my issues. We decided that this first session we'd concentrate on the acid reflux problem (which she actually thinks could still be my gallbladder acting up as well. It's all connected, she said, which makes perfect sense). But there was overlap so she was able to place some pins for the no period issue, too.

I think she placed about 14 pins in me, 2-3 on either arm, 3 on my stomach, 1 on my forehead, and the rest on my feet. Apparently the feet has a lot of "openings" so several were put there.

She told me it's typical/good to feel pressure/tingling/throbbing when a pin was put in - like when you get a shot. Some I didnt feel much of anything.

But there was one pin that was put in my left foot (near my ankle) that physically made my foot jump - not from pain, it was just a reaction - and I felt tingling up both of my arms at the same time. It was wild.

If you are fearful of needles this definitely is NOT for you. I won't sugar coat it. I have no problem with shots or IVs, and it still made me a bit uncomfortable because insertion of the needles isn't totally without feeling.

I plan on doing it again. Like going to a chiropractor, you need to go a few times to feel the full effects. I'm hoping my period comes soon, and I certainly wouldn't mind not having heartburn so often.
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