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May 24th, 2013, 09:51 PM
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Alright, big news - BF got the job we were really hoping for! It is a great job! Full time, overtime, benefits, holidays off, the works. And he likes it! Plus a two week vacation in the end of July so he will have some quality time with baby. We are so thrilled He'll get three days off when the baby is born. I'm extra happy about that because at his other job he likely would have only gotten one, and his boss probably would have thrown a fit about that much. However after those three days we'll be on our own. He works 7am-4:30pm and takes our car to work, so it'll just be the kitties, baby, and I here.

I've been thinking about possibly asking a family member to consider staying with us for a short time in case I need help during the day. The only person (literally the only) who lives here that we can ever count on is my step-dad. He works all day so if I should need help with some small thing I obviously wouldn't want to call him, especially since we live so far out of the way of everything.

There are very few others I would ever consider asking, and they live out of town. I don't doubt that they would help if they could. I just want to be sure I wouldn't be asking them for nothing. I wouldn't want them to take the time and travel here for no reason. Also, I tend to get a little irritable when people are in my personal space for a while. So moms, did you really need help after you had your babies? How much/for how long?

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