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May 25th, 2013, 11:10 AM
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Since Ive been here. Still not pregnant. But everyone else I know is it seems. In the past 2 weeks...3 friends, a cousin, wives of my husbands friends and SIX people I went to hs with are pregnant. I went through most of this week feeling like Id been punched in the gut.

I am trying to find ways to cope. I started looking at adoption options....told dh if we don't have a pregnancy by early next yearI want to do some serious traveling then start adoption proceedings. I don't think I could take dealing with fertility treatments

I don't know if this is drastic...its been 6 months though. I chart...I take my vitamins and eat well. I dunno ladies. I Ak done charting after this cycle.

I hope all of you have gotten pregnant and are doing well!!
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