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May 25th, 2013, 11:32 AM
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I started thinking the other day...society today says that getting married before you are about 20 is too young. Then, when you get married your supposed to "live it up" for a few years, they say your too young to have children. So, it isn't until your late 30's when "people" start bugging you to have children now that it's "socially acceptable" and some women may be preventing for so long they can't conceive, so it takes a while. Now, you have one child and your close to 35 and that bio. clock starts ticking real loudly because it's "unsafe" to have a baby after 35, right? So, you manage to maybe have two children which again is politically/socially correct- after all, we don't want the world overpopulated!!!!!!

So, who's running the show? Personally, I think it's up to a husband and wife, and God to determine family size, not society.

I don't like being 43 and pregnant, but it's mostly because of the deafening silence from a lot of people my age. It's sad that people can't accept a child at any stage/age. kwim?

eta: note the sarcasm.
Children are a heritage from the Lord,
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