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May 25th, 2013, 07:59 PM
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I'm so so glad to see you, Tinky. You know I love you, you know you're one of my fave ladies ever, and I've missed you, and I've been so distraught over what you are going through. I know I can't even imagine the extent of what you are feeling, but I'm thinking of you.

Don't let guilt eat you up. You have enough on your plate and there is absolutely nothing wrong with anything you have felt along this journey. It's all normal, healthy emotions that tons, if not most, of people deal with. Whether our children arrive early or late or right on time, IMO most people don't really fully bond until the baby gets here. It's not abnormal to not bond before the baby arrives and certainly not a reason to feel guilty, no matter what the reason is you think you didn't bond.

Like you, I am one who wants to be pregnant longer, so I can have more time to prepare. Having so much precious time ripped from you is tough and unfair, and then add to that the complications that are involved when that happens. It might not be a big deal to the nurses, but it's okay that it's a big deal to you and it would be a big deal to any parent. Korbyn really is very lucky to have you! You've been such an amazing mom to him already, better than anyone else could have been for him.

I know the next few months will be hard for you, but we're here for you. Don't worry about how many times you need to talk about this. If you don't want to post to the board, you can always message me or text me or whatever. Just keep in touch and don't feel the need to keep it all bottled up inside! Even those of us who are still pregnant are all on our own journeys right now. What keeps is together is our friendship. Share your stories with us. I love hearing from you and I love hearing updates on Korbyn.

<3 <3 <3
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