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May 25th, 2013, 08:29 PM
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Born may 17, 2013 at 544PM
2lbs 10oz 15.35in
28w5d gestation

Our birth story.
May 10, I was up very late. Mnabeast got home from work very late and then decided he would go ahead and install the air conditioner and didn't finish until 130 in the morning. We went to bed about 2. At 340ish I thought I heard my 5 year old crying, and ran to his room. He was sound asleep and I went to go back to bed. But my panties were wet. i thought I'd peed myself a bit running to his room. I went to the bathroom and pottied, and sat there a minute and nothing. I stood up and heard a drip, drip, drip on the floor. I sat down again and waited, nothing. Stood up and heard drip, drip, drip and then started feeling some liquid running down my legs. I hoped and prayed that what I was beginning to think was NOT what as happening. I went and woke Joe and told him I thought maybe I had a leak in my water. I called L&D and they said to come in and get checked. I was hoping if it was a leak that it was small enough to reseal. We got some clothes on and i was looking for my shoes, and I could feel more and more leakage. By the time I got to the car, my crotch was soaked. By the time we got to the hospital, I was soaked to the knees. We got to triage and the nurse asked if we had called and that we would just go see what was going on. When I turned to go into the room, she said Oh My god, ok call the doc, it's obvious we have a rupture. Doc came in, and they did the strip, positive. She did the speculum and said I was 2-3cm dilated and the bag was bulging. Our hospital is not equipped to deal with babies under 36 weeks so I was told we'd be transferred. With my preciptious labor history, it warranted a ride on life flight, as the drive would be 1 1/2 hours or more. So I got to go all by myself. The stabilized us, got magensium started and steroid shot with IV antibiotics since I hadn't had my 3rd trimester testing done yet.

We arrived at New hanover and we spent all day in labor and Delivery being monitored on magnesium. I was checked 2 more times and since we made no progress was released off L&D and onto Antepartum. We got our second steroid shot the next morning. We hung about out on Antepartum for just about a week.

May 16 I started having some cramps and my leakage was worse around 8 or 9pm. I thought maybe I'd overdone things and went to go to bed. The nurse came to do vitals and I told her, she put us on the monitor and it turns out that I was contracting about 10 minutes apart. I was told to drink water like crazy, and I did. The nurse came back after awhile and said that they were tapering off. I felt contractions throughtout the night, but not consistant and not more than cramps. The nurse said she'd document.

May 17, 2013. The next morning I had some red/pink tinged mucus and was leaking much more. I told the nurse and she told me she'd document and left the room. I decided to stay in bed because I was scared. The doc came in for rounds and i told her what was happening. She decided she wanted to do an exam, and discovered my cervix was paper thin. The cervix paired wth the leakage and pink, and the fact that I never made a complaint about any thing all week made the doc decide I should go spend some time on L&D, just in case. I was put back on magnesium again, and the doc said it was all routine. Lots of times mamas are moved from antepartum to L&D and back again. I was so scared but so hopeful! All day I sat there by myself. I didn't call Joe because they kept telling me they thought things would taper off, there was no further dilation. I could FEEL the contractions about 7 minutes apart and they were getting stronger and stroner. nothing was showing on the monitor. When the nurse came in she'd ask and I'd tell her, yes. I am still having them and they are getting stronger, but nothing showed. I had one when she was in the room and with palapatation she said that my tummy was sgetting hard but not firm and only on the very bottom. They gave me a shot od staldol around noon, to calm me and have me rest. They felt I was too tense. I was sleeping but woken every time I had a contraction.I told the nurse and again was told nothing was showing. It got to be 530 or so. I all the sudden felt like I had to go. I started pushing the call button but noone would come. ( I didnt know the bed button was unhooked and that I HAD to push the one on the cord) The phne had been put out of my reach. I had no way to call for help besides yelling and I don't like to yell. I kept hitting the button but no one came. The nurse came in to check on me and I yelled I have to poo! She said ok and ran from the roo. She came back with another nurse and 2 docs. They did an exam and said I was at a 6, but that he was already coming out. (Maybe cause he was so small??) Doc said don't push wait for the NICU team to get set up. They asked if I wanted to call anyone. I called Joe and said you need to come, you need to come. he said is he coming and I said yes. He said he was on his way. Mind you he is almost 2 hours away. As soon as I hang up, i feel another contarction and the urge to push, and push. Out he comes, he is so small but so perfect. They grab him up and run to the table, where the intabate him and are working on him. A nurse takes my ipod and takes a couple pics for me. They stop by my bed briefly so I can look in the incubator and take him away. The doc is waiting for the placenta. I can see her hand covered in blood and tissue. After half an hour she says we need to get the placenta out or they'd have to intervene. She asked me to psuh but nothing was happening. After a few more minutes she reaches all the way inside and tries to help it. nothing. Another doc comes in and after a few more minutes he tries as well. They tell me they are giving it 5 more minutes and we will have to go to the or. After 2-3 I get very, very sleepy. Doc says there is too much bleeding, then my blood pressure drops to 50/30. Doc yells OR Stat, and they start running. I am just laying there, i can't even hold my legs up or lift my head. I can't scoot over from the bed to the table. they grab me and pull. They put a mask on my face and that is it. I wake in recovery just a few minutes before My husband makes it to the hospital. The nurse tells him I'd lost about half my blood supply and I'll be needing a transfusion. I am not released to go back to antepartum until 2 in the morning, Joe is long gone home to the other kids. He's been down to see Korbyn already but not me. The nurse stops there on the way to my room, and I finally get to see my little bitty. He is beautiful, he is so small. I love him.

Robert 17,
Heaven-Leigh 15
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Raymond 5
Alexavier 3
Stoney 2
Korbyn 28 week miracle 5/17/13

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