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May 25th, 2013, 09:57 PM
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Thanks for the support guys. Up until two days ago, Jamie was sleeping from his first waking at around 11:00 on in my bed with me and getting up about 3-6 times thereafter. I had so many people tell me the "he's getting up so much because you cosleep" crap. All my babies have coslept and I have never had one wake up as much as he does. It's night #3 and last night, he went to bed with only a few minutes of crying at 8:30 and woke up bright eyes and bushy tailed at 6:30. The sleep I got was heaven! I'm actually thinking that even though he loved to be sleeping to the open-all-night milk tap, I might have been waking him up. I miss him next to me but I really need to start getting some sleep. Jack will be starting kindergarten in like 2 1/2 months and I'm going to need to be up before all the kids wake up in order to get the day going so it would have made that really hard if he were still co-sleeping at that point. I'm a little sad about it though, I miss my baby and since he's my last, it's my last time cosleeping with a baby. All right, I need to put down my violin and appreciate that I can look forward to some better rest!
I do feel bad about CIO though. I'm not a fan, but in extreme cases, I really see how it can help. I was surviving on a few hours of broken up sleep each night with no chance to catch up since my other two wake up early and don't nap so no chance of me sleeping when the baby sleeps. Lesser of two evils, I guess (can you tell I feel guilty?).

PS - Daffney, don't listen to those anti-cosleepers, it's the most natural thing! I've coslept with all my kids for various lengths and I think it's SO good for the baby and mommy. As long as it's working for you and you are getting adequate sleep, keep on doing it (and your secret is safe with us!). About the binky - hey, there is nothing wrong with comforting your child and making your child happy. If his binky does that, good for you for putting his needs over risk of parental judgement.

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