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May 26th, 2013, 01:13 AM
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Oh yeah I have co-slept with all of mine but my third was miserable and so was I. She ended up doing MUCH better in her own bed. (After 6 months....duh MOM!) I think people need to mind their own. What you do, if it's safe, is up to you. A binkie is no big deal, co-sleeping, not co-sleeping, CIO, whatever.... I've never had anyone challenge me on co-sleeping or not. I guess I'd just shine em on because me and baby(except for one) sleep well together. I also tend to laugh at people who ask if I'm "still breastfeeding". Yeah dummy...she's still a baby! I hope we can do this for a couple/few years. Screw everyone else if they don't like it. And as for binkie, so what if he wants it still....he's still so young. I'm guessing he won't want it in high school...though now that I think of it, people did have binkies when I was in HS. lol
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