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May 26th, 2013, 04:59 AM
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Yay! I hope you enjoy your Monday off of work. Do you have anything planned??

Ava is still low? Lucky you! Dominic has now moved up and is literally putting so much pressure on my ribs. It's starting to get really hard to breath and I'm just trying not to panic at this point. I am claustrophobic and feeling like I can't breath scares me. I am waiting for the day he moves back down. I will even take that horrible groin pain again if it means he is out of my ribs!

Hahaha she called China?! ROFL.. Omg I laughed when I read that. This girl sounds awesome! She cracks me up.

I noticed I get up so early now. So here I am early in the morning and everyone is still sleeping and I am drinking my coffee and on JM. Although I must admit it is nice to have some quiet time before hurricane Gabriel starts.
Has your sleep pattern changed at all? I go to bed later now and I wake up early!! What the crap is that?! lol

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