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May 26th, 2013, 05:59 AM
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Korky (an affectionate nickname given to him by a cyber aunt because doc said his head was acting like a cork, holding in fluid somewhat those last 6 days) is doing amazing from what I can tell? He is no longer on a ventilator or cpap. Just regular nose cannula. last night they did have to up his flow from 4 to 5 but did not change the saturation, I think they called it? He had gotten down to 2 pounds even but has gained back and was 2 pounds 8 oz last night. He has bradacardyias 9heart rate drops) and desats(02 level drops) but I am told it is to be expected with a preemie. his system is still learning to do what it needs. As long as he continues to recover on his own, they don't worry. Doc also said he has a level 1 bilateral brain bleed but that he expects it to resolve on it's own as well. If it was going to get worse it would have already and level 1 is the lowest kind. I have a TR friend from the isle of Wight, she donated an incubator outfit to Korbyn. It is a charitable organization out of england I beleive? They make outfits specifically for very, very small babies that are designed to work oround the tubing etc. I am excited for him to be able to wear it, it means a step toward coming hme!

I never meant that you guys wouldnt listen to me. I have found nothing but love and support here. It is my own enternal struggle. I don't want to be a downbeat whiney person. I don't want to be a dark spot.
Another TR sister started a FB page for Korky. You can see his pics etc there if you want:

Robert 17,
Heaven-Leigh 15
(TL 1.11.98)
(TR 10.26.06)
Raymond 5
Alexavier 3
Stoney 2
Korbyn 28 week miracle 5/17/13
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