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May 26th, 2013, 11:00 AM
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On the 15th may, i turned 12 weeks pregnant and i remember thinking, yes I've made it. Then couple hours later, i started bleeding red blood, Then it started gushing into the toilet. I went to A&E who referred me to EPU. They scanned me and baby was fine with a heartbeat. Dr told me to take my trousers and that off to check my cervix so i did as i stood there, lots of waterery red bleed just fell out. I got on the bed and it continued to come out. I was left on my own for 10 minutes before the dr came in. My cervix was still closed but he was very concerned at the amount of bleeding so i had to stay in overnight. The bleeding got lighter overnight and i gushed in the toilet again in the morning and then it got lighter again.

It's not 26th may and i've been spotting brown blood ever since but i do gush brown blood in the toilet sometimes and its worrying me so much as i dont know whats going on. I've had scans but they haven't looked for a bleed. If my cervix is closed, where would the bleed be coming from???

I have a doppler so i can listen to baby when i get worried x
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