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May 26th, 2013, 05:08 PM
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I've had SO much swelling recently (over the last 4 weeks has been really bad). I know that I'm retaining a ton of water... at my 24 week appointment I had a 9 lb weight gain as well!! I almost freaked out at the doctor's office. I saw my doctor about a week and a half ago (at 26 weeks) after my fender bender and had a trace amount of protein in my urine and my BP was elevated from my previous readings (138/80). Normally I run less than 120/80... she said she thought I was fine because it was only a trace amount of protein but would keep a close eye on it at my 28 week appt. She continued to encourage alot of water, elevating my feet as much as possible and getting a pair of pantyhose type compression stockings.

I can totally sympathize with you though... if I stand or sit too long with my legs in a dependent position the amount of swelling I get is ridiculous. And it does hurt! I hope it gets better for you and I encourage you to mention it to your midwife just to make sure she doesn't think you should be concerned. HUGS!
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