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May 26th, 2013, 07:23 PM
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Well, son of a gun, your first birth sounds like my kid's birth. induction and emergency C section. I really want to go natural for this second one, so hopefully I can do it.

the last time I kept my diet in check and very rarely had numbers over normal, so i think that contributed to a normal size? However, I heard stories from my tiny, tiny coworker who couldn't even put her arms around her belly at the end of each of her pregnancies and delivered an 11 pounder and 10 pounder naturally. She didn't have GD. I mean, I guess our bodies are designed to do what is needed.

I'd also asked my OB the last pregnancy about the damage I may have done when I was ahem, not eating the best before I was diagnosed with GD. She said the weight gain issue is minimal because you measure in grams and so 10 grams doubled is only 20 grams and it is not like you are doubling 2 pounds near the end of pregnancy. but the stories you hear and the stuff on the internet is quite scary. I still am nervous that I the baby will be to big for the birth canal and all of that stuff.
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