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May 26th, 2013, 11:35 PM
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I dont want to make this long but it may be long. I guess i will tell everything once people start coming into my post if anyone does lol.
I am new here, im 30 years old and i been married since 2003. I have two girls and 1 boy. My first two where c-sections and my son was a natural home water birth in WA state. I am now in California.

I am pregnant with number 4 and it is a girl for now lol My first question is If you can not afford a Home birth, cant take a loan out, Cant ask friends and family for money, cant work on the side (I cant)
Cant do a Birth center because they are too far and too expensive, Your insurance wont cover Either midwife or Birth center... then lets say you cant do a Vbac at a hospital even though you may have gotten over it and though ok only option but find out You cant because the nurses, doctors and policy is You need vaginal Exams, need to wear there nasty gowns, and need fetal monitoring all you dont agree with so now your left with no option but to have a Unassisted birth even if you dont want one. WHAT DO YOU DO?
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