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May 26th, 2013, 11:42 PM
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How do you feel? Pretty good, all told. RLP is starting to kick my butt, and heartburn stinks, but otherwise I feel pretty normal.
So far do you LOVE being pregnant, hate it with the fire of a thousand suns or somewhere in the middle? Somewhere in the middle, but definitely on the side of loving it.
What do you look forward to most about having this baby/ not being pregnant anymore? Being able to bend over!!! lol
What do you dread? I'm nervous once they are born that I'll be so sleep deprived I won't be as good a mom for my DS. I love him so much, but I know when I'm tired I get short-tempered. I don't want him to remember the first year of his siblings' lives as the year Mama was mean.
Worst symptom so far? RLP! There are some days I can barely move. Lol.
Best side effect of pregnancy? The babies. Lol.
What will you miss most after baby is Born? Feeling them move and kick! It's so fun.
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