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May 27th, 2013, 07:02 AM
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Just thought I would get this going as this will probably be where I fall. I began BCP on May 23, and this will be my 2nd round of IVF. Our first ended in April with a chemical pregnancy. It was devastating, but I am on summer vacation and have a great, low stress opportunity to try again. I was supposed to go for my suppression check on June 18, but the nurse called to change my schedule and extend my BCP for an additional week. This happened during our last cycle, I tend to have ER during holidays when my RE thinks he needs to take vacations. I just end up feeling frustrated! Last cycle they extended my BCP for two weeks and I ended up with ginormous cysts on each ovary. I am 5 days into BCP this cycle and already having lots of abdominal pain like experienced with the cysts. DHS called with his concerns and RE said we could choose to keep our original schedule or the modified. I just know with our last cycle I was not suppressed and ended up on an additional week of mess because my estradiol level was through the roof. Anyone who has been through more than one cycle, were you responses similar in each cycle?
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IVF Cycle #2
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Suppression Check- June 18- I am suppressed!! 2 giant cysts on right ovary.
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