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May 27th, 2013, 08:04 AM
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So I've had this pinned to my nursery board since day 1...unfortunately, the person selling them on etsy has been "away" since the beginning, I don't think she's making them anymore! So I'm going to attempt it myself (I can't find anything similar on there, everything is the whole name and like $10 per letter, no way I'm paying $60!!)....the letter and color is the easy part, I did similar for Connor's room. I'm thinking I can find some sort of sticky white circles to use as the polka dots, so I don't have to paint them or attempt the mod podge route. I'll already have paint from her walls that match the nursery bedding.

The hard part is those letters. I'm guessing it's cardstock? Any easy tips on how I can do them by hand? I tried searching etsy for the cardstock letters, and found some but they are too big, I'm guessing the ones used here are like an inch or 1.5". Thoughts? Ideas? Help me? lol Thanks!!

Minnie Mouse Nursery / Custom Decorated Letter - Pink and White Polka Dots

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