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May 27th, 2013, 08:40 AM
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Originally Posted by mirdeemrlvs View Post
with dd#3, I failed the one hour and they wanted me to do the 3 hr. I put it off for so long, It was about 1 month before delivery I finally got on the "diet". I don't like diets and did NOT want to be put on one while pregnant, but I found that it made me feel a lot better and I lost 7 lbs.

I was hoping to NOT have GD this time, but figured I did when I started the rapid weight gain and I was very happy to see the dietician to get the info I needed. It's actually refreshing because I have permission to eat the carbs at certain times. Before, I would feel guility about eating any carbs/white bread, etc.. but with the diet, I know how much to eat, and then you just have to wait another two hours to have more carbs. You can have all the veggies and protein you want in between though. I will still eat sugar, candy, ice cream, etc.. but I have to use up my carbs to do it.

The worst for me is the morning. I don't really like protein in the am. So, having to eat eggs or peanut butter is not my favorite.

Sticking your finger isn't that bad, it's annoying a little and I'm glad I only have to do it twice a day.
Oh great, you're making me feel a lot better about this The way you explain it, it doesn't sound that bad. Thanks!!!

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