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May 27th, 2013, 08:51 AM
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No need to be sorry! I figured you were busy this weekend, and was going to really start pestering you tomorrow if I still haven't heard from you lol. The BBQ sounds AMAZING. I love food <3

I used to get REALLY bad leg spasms when I was pregnant with my first and had a few when pregnant with my second. What helped the most was making sure I ate bananas (potassium). (Sounds like I'm preaching to the choir... lol)

Soooo how was your class????

Yeah, I know the babies are growing fast right now, but it just seems to excessive. 4 lbs in a week! and last month, 9 lbs in a month. There's no way that's from the baby hitting a growth spurt. My belly isn't even really growing anymore lately, but if the baby is hitting that many growth spurts so close together and so much weight, then I'm scared How big does your baby feel to you right now? I can feel her ALL the way down in my hip bones but also allll the way up in my ribs, AT THE SAME TIME. Maybe she's stretching when she does that.

My husband is always home. (Hence my annoyance at him when he doesn't get things done lol) We both work from home. We'll have a "normal day" which means we'll go to the park for a long walk. I need to focus on drinking more water.

So glad the heart burn medicine has been working!

Your hospital sounds REALLY nice. Did you ask them what a "water birth" is by their standards? Most hospitals that means labor in the water but not birth in them. My friend tried that and ended up having a bad experience because the baby needed to COME and they wouldn't let her push until she got out of the tub but she was in transition. Then when you go from tub to land, the pain gets worse, so she got out but couldn't make it to the bed, but again, they wouldn't let her push. They medicated her against her will and dragged her to the bed. Otherwise, though, she had a great labor and birth and said if they had just let her push the baby out when she needed to everything would have been fine. she says that hospital now DOES allow true water births (birthing IN the water) so apparently some hospitals do allow that (awesome!) but you'll want to know for sure how your hospital define water births, because they can make it sound like one thing if you don't ask them straight up, and it's better to know what to expect. But if any hospital is gonna allow a true water birth, it might be the one you are going to, because that hospital sounds AMAZING!!!! Do you even want a water birth? Do you have to request the room up front or anything?

I am the opposite of you. I am so sad June is here. Where did June go? I NEED MORE TIME. How about you give me your last two months, jump straight to 40 weeks and have the baby, and I'll go back to 5 1/2 months pregnant
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